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Weight Loss Programs

The comprehensive weight management programs  we offer are designed to help each patient reach their weight loss goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle by managing a healthy BMI.

Each program is personalized to meet the individual patient’s needs and lifestyle. This flexibility enables our programs to be customized for patients wishing to lose as little as 15 pounds for cosmetic reasons to those that need to lose more than 100 pounds and may have diseases related to their weight gain.

Beyond achieving the desired weight loss goal, our mission is to help maintain a healthy weight and improved quality of life for long term success.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

BMI helps estimate whether a person may be at risk for health problems caused by excessive weight. BMI is calculated by dividing the person’s weight by his or her height, and then, squaring the result.

BMI Score


A score of 30 or higher (or 27 or higher, according to some health agencies) signifies a possible risk of obesity, which is known to significantly contribute to many health problems, including heart disease and diabetes.

A score of 25 or lower is generally considered an indicator for good health. A score of 25 is seen as the ideal body mass index, minimizing the risk of heart disease, diabetes and some cancers.

Tracking BMI scores over time can also provide you with a helpful way to track weight loss. A BMI score can be a better reflection of weight loss than a bathroom scale. If you’re planning to lose weight, enter incremental, achievable weight-loss goals to see how much your BMI changes with each goal.

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