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Pain Management

Pain is the way your brain interprets information about a particular sensation that your body is experiencing. Information (or “signals”) about this painful sensation are sent via nerve pathways to your brain. The way in which your brain interprets these signals as “pain” can be affected by many outside factors, including dietary factors, psychological factors, and genetics.

Acute pain is of short duration, usually the result of an injury, surgery or illness. This type of pain includes acute injuries, post-operative pain and post-trauma pain. Managing acute pain in a timely and efficient manner is an essential part of a comprehensive pain management strategy which can prevent acute pain from becoming chronic pain.

Chronic pain is a complex disease of the nervous system and often an ongoing condition which if left untreated can lead to sleep disruption, weight gain, hypertension and a host of other ailments. Chronic pain includes conditions such as back and neck pain, headaches, musculoskeletal pain, and pain related to illness such as cancer. Understanding the root cause of chronic pain is very important for developing a comprehensive treatment strategy for pain management.

Once we have identified the specific factor causing the pain, we will develop a whole body treatment protocol so that the condition is manageable or eliminated. In some patients, the specific factor causing the pain–such as cancer–cannot be changed, but with a comprehensive approach we may be able to reduce the pain to an acceptable level that allows for an optimal quality of life.

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